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  • Empathy
  • Excellence 
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  • Letwin Mawire, Managing Director
  • Fungayi John Marangwanda, Head Marketing and Sales


Individual Life 
Our products are designed and tailor made to suit the needs of individuals and households. These include the following:

  • MoreCover Funeral Plan
  • MoreCover Endowment Plan
  • MoreCover Life Plan
  • The Seed
  • Prime Plan
  • Growthplus Retirement Plan (With and Without Life Cover)

Group Business
Our comprehensive range of products and services include:

  • Pension Schemes:
    • Defined Benefit,
    • Defined Contribution, and
    • Hybrid Pension Schemes
  • Immediate Annuities
  • Selfguard Preservation Fund
  • Investment Management (Pooled or Segregated basis)
    • Guaranteed Fund
    • Market Linked Fund (Growthplus Managed Fund)
  • Group Life Assurance Schemes (with optional ancillary benefits that include Disability Cover and Conversion Option)
  • Group Cash Funeral Plans
  • Credit and Mortgage Protection Schemes

Group Business Services

Our services menu covers broad areas which are available either as a package or as unbundled services. These are consultancy, pension fund administration, actuarial, underwriting and investment management services.

Consultancy Services
We offer solutions to a whole range of challenges relating to the provision of Employee and Group Benefits. These include benefits design and advice on the impact of legislative, demographic as well as economic changes and other relevant social trends on the provision of Employee and Group Benefits.

Secretarial Services
We offer administration services to all types of pension funds and group life assurance arrangements. These services include the provision of the following:

  • Database management (from single or multiple payroll points)
  • Accounting services
  • Benefits settlement
  • Reporting on administration and financial performance
  • Compliance management
  • Actuarial assessments

Actuarial Services
The following full range of actuarial services is provided both in-house and through our consulting actuaries, Independent Actuaries & Consultants:

  • Benefit design for all types of pension funds and group life assurance schemes.
  • Statutory actuarial valuations of Defined Benefit schemes.
  • Conversion valuations from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution arrangements or vice versa
  • Regular reviews of the targeted benefits and contribution rates under Defined Contribution schemes.
  • Advice on pension fund mergers, de-mergers and transfer valuations.
  • Computation of interest additions to Defined Contribution schemes.
  • Product development, pricing and profitability analysis.
  • Expense and mortality investigations.
  • Investment portfolio structuring and matching of assets with liabilities.

Investment Management
We provide investment management services to all types of pension funds, life assurance funds and individual policyholder funds. This encompasses the following: 

  • Investment portfolio structuring.
  • Matching of investment asset classes with underlying liabilities.
  • Investment research through analysis of the economy and investment markets.
  • Selection of investment securities.
  • Provision of investments advice.

Location of offices in Zimbabwe

As part of a financial services group, ZB Life Assurance leverages on the extensive ZB Bank branch network to increase accessibility of products and services through-out the country. Claims can be settled from any branch of ZB Bank or ZB Life. 

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