ZB WhatsApp Banking

Introducing ZB WhatsApp Banking

What is WhatsApp Banking? 
The ZB WhatsApp Banking Platform is a customer friendly and easy to use service which allows clients to do their day-to-day banking on their WhatsApp chat application. The use of WhatsApp has grown over the past years not only in Zimbabwe but the world at large and ZB has come up with an innovative and convenient service that lets you bank securely in your favorite instant messaging platform WhatsApp.

How do I start using WhatsApp Banking?

To start using ZB WhatsApp banking save the number +263731 440 440 in your contacts on your phone. Go to the WhatsApp application on your phone and send 'Hi' to the ZB WhatsApp banking number you have saved. If your mobile number is already linked to your account follow the prompts that follow otherwise you need to visit your nearest ZB Branch to link your mobile number to your account.

Quick Payments

We often have people we send money to on a regular basis and bills that we pay often. To save you the trouble of going through the whole transaction process every time you want to send money or make a regular payment ZB WhatsApp banking has the quick payments functionality. With quick payments, whenever you wish to send money or make a regular payment, you simply use the nickname you used to save these details.

Below is an example of how to make a quick payment:
“Send/Pay <nickname> amount” e.g. Send Mom 200 or Pay driver 50 for internal transfer and ZIPIT.
“Pay/Buy biller <nickname> amount” e.g. Pay COH 500 or Buy $5 ZESA token.
You can also view your balance by typing: What’s my balance? OR Get balance OR Balance OR My recent transactions OR Get my statement.

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