Corporate Philosophy

Who We Are


Qupa Microfinance is wholly owned by ZB Financial Holdings Limited and was incorporated in 2019 to further expand the Group’s financial services to include low income customers in various sectors of the economy.


Informal Markets

On the back of a growing informal economy, Qupa will tap into the fast growing informal markets and deliver value to stakeholders in the process. These markets are generally not reachable via the traditional banking operations owing to the additional risk.

Qupa Vision

To be a globally acclaimed leading provider of inclusive financial services.

Qupa Mission

Passionate focus on creation of unparalleled value for our microfinance stakeholders

Value Proposition

Qupa Microfinance provides tools required to enable vulnerable individuals to turn/build business ideas or opportunities into successful enterprises, and personal achievement desires into reality. Superior customer service incorporating quick loan turnaround time and genuine consumer protection is the main anchor of our operations.

Our Staff

Qupa’s staff will work tirelessly to design/develop and implement financial as well as livelihood solutions that ensure bottom of the pyramid customers are responsibly included and have informed access to well-priced and appropriately developed financial products.

Qupa Values

Customer Centrism
Continuous Learning

Qupa's Core Objectives

Economic empowerment and livelihoods improvement are Qupa’s core objectives, guided by financial inclusion best practice.

To support micro enterprise at all levels and contribute to dignified livelihoods.
To support key productive sectors for economic prosperity
To enable micro customers to sustain their desired consumptive patterns to the extent possible
To deliver above optimal returns to stock and shareholders
To continuously provide opportunities for growth as well as a rewarding work experience for employees
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