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Group Projects & Property Development

GPPD Overview

ZB Financial Holdings Group Projects and Property Development is a department within the Holdings Company that is responsible for the property investment boutique.
The property portfolio comprises of over 40,000 square meters of commercial space valued at approximately US$60 million.

GPPD Services

Facilities Management and Property Services
GPPD will be responsible for the creation of a quality portfolio attracting quality clients. Responsible for operations management of physical assets dealing with maintenance, leasing and rental collections. The portfolio covers all sectors of the property market.

Property Development
Responsible for the management of all real estate development  projects and overseeing maintenance of all real assets within the Group from planning, inception, monitoring, evaluation, completion and post-completion monitoring to ensure delivery within required scope. Projects are managed from concept design to handover. Property development also deals with refurbishments, space rationalization, life cycle management and renewal. 

Current Thrust
Plans are at an advanced stage and the organization is in strategic partnerships with several local authorities for the development of mainly residential property as well as infrastructure development. The organization has constructed over three thousand units to date i.e. housing units and serviced stands. Most recently are 10 townhouse units in Hatfield completed in 2015; and 890 serviced stands in Springvale, Ruwa.

The Group intends to contribute significantly to the reduction of the national housing shortage, and has plans for over 3,000 units to 2020. This includes site and service as well as housing units. Other contributions will include involvement in regeneration projects when and if they arise.

ZB Projects to date:

Harare Budiriro 400 Low
Harare Hatfield 10 Cluster Development
Chitungwiza Unit G 450 Low
Bulawayo Umganwini 400 Low
Gweru Mkoba 17 200 Low
Gweru Dalesford 120 Medium
Kwekwe Mbizo 13 450 Low
Mutare Nyamahuru 300 Low
Ruwa Springvale Park 890 Medium
TOTAL   3 220  

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