Stash account

Production Description

This is a savings product targeted at school going individuals who are between the ages of 16yrs to 26yrs of age, are not formally employed and have proof of studentship.

Target Market

School going individuals


Applicant has to meet all three conditions which are; be between 16 and 26 years of age, be a student (with proof studentship) and NOT be formally employed


  • Initial deposit - NIL
  • Monthly Service charge $1
  • Withdrawal charge - Free
  • Minimum balance $2
  • Bill payment $1
  • Transfers $0.50 cell to cell $1 in branch
  • Statement enquiry  free
  • Balance enquiry  free
  • Retail purchase 0.5% of value min 10c on purchase of goods
  • Free internet and sms banking

To open an account visit any ZB Bank branch, application form Click here

Guide to using  Stash account  - click here It must land to a user guide page

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