Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Question : What is the link to register for internet banking ?
Answer : Go to and click on the “Register/Forgot Password” link below the username and password fields. Follow the instructions on screen to register.

2. Question : Which is the card number needed for registration ?
Answer : The number engraved on your ATM Debit Card.

3. Question : What PIN do I use for registration ?
Answer : The ATM Card 4 digit pin.

4. Question : How long does it take to receive the login credentials after registering ?
Answer : Emails are delivered instantly. However, some minor delays are to be expected during peak periods.

5. Question : What is the meaning of the „null‟ error during registration ?
Answer : It‟s an issue that normally occurs to replacement cards. You should ignore the error and proceed with the registration process. Our Engineers are looking into this.

6. Question : What causes the authentication failed error during login?
Answer : Authentication Error normally occurs when the system is down.

7. Question : How do I unlock my profile after it says „user locked‟?
Answer : Please advise your nearest ZB Bank Branch. For security purposes the branch may require positive identification before unlocking.

8. Question : How do I open an email address ?
Answer : Email is free and there are many email providers on the internet. To open with GMAIL, please visit and click on create account. Fill in the registration details as requested.

9. Question : Is the online registration secure ?
Answer : Yes. Click on the key icon in the address bar to view the security information ?

10. Question : Why do you ask for my PIN number during registration ?
Answer: Pin number is needed for the validation of the card. This is also for the security of the client to make sure that he/she owns that particular card.

11. Question: Are you able to do the registration for me?
Answer : All individual clients should self-register. However please approach your nearest branch if in need of assistance.

12. Question: Can I change my username?
Answer : No. Only the password can be changed at any time.

13. Question: Can I stay logged into my account?
Answer : No. The system will automatically log you out if you haven‟t interacted with it for 10min.

14. Question:What are the advantages of internet banking?
Answer : Clients can readily and conveniently do RTGS, Internal Transfers and also Bill Payments from anywhere and do not need to visit bank branches 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Clients can also access their bank statements on the D.C platform.

15. Question : Why is it compulsory for me to register for internet banking ?
Answer : To enable you do all transfers and payments at your convenience. The bank has adopted a paperless strategy and branches are no-longer taking application forms for these transactions.

16. Question : Do you have a Wi-Fi hotspot in your branches ?
Answer : This is still work in progress as our engineers are working to provide hotspots in all our branches. You will be notified once this is available.


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