Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking

Commodity Finance Products that Focus on Your Business Needs

At ZB Bank we offer a variety of commodity finance products that are designed to streamline your business finance planning and operations. Our international banking department will assist you with your commodity finance by tailoring a service and product to your needs.

Financing Products Offered by ZB Bank

Invoice Financing
Invoice Financing is part of debt factoring. It is a bridging finance which covers gaps created by a mismatch of cash inflows and outflows. It is also used as a hedge against inflation wherein, a client will realize some value of their sales when they go the factoring route All local debtors whose credit period will not have expired qualify for the invoice financing facility. If an invoice is past its due date it does not qualify for the product.

Features and benefits of such financing products:

Cash flow advantage
In this inflationary environment, the purchasing power of our currency is losing value and for our customers who offer credit terms the time value of money comes into play. On raising an invoice, ZB Bank asset finance can advance up 80% of the invoice face value. Flexibility Invoice financing assumes two product forms:

Confidential Invoice:
Financing (CIF) and Disclosed Invoice Financing (DIF)

For more information on our commodity finance services, please contact us.

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