The Group’s Human capital is underpinned by the skills, knowledge and experience that our staff possess and are measured against their value or cost to the Company.

The Group has a RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION POLICY which describes our process for attracting and selecting external job candidates. It also describes our internal selection process for promotions and lateral movements within the Group.

We are an equal opportunity employer at every selection stage. This process includes the following steps:

  • Identify the need for an opening,
  • Consider if the position can be  filled internally first,
  • If the position can only be filled externally, review the job description, compose a job advertisement and advertise,
  • Select and shortlist the best candidates based on set criteria,
  • Proceed through all the selection stages and make an offer.


Once an offer is made to a candidate, the journey though ZBFHL begins. A career is defined by the Group as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of one’s life at ZBFHL with opportunities for progress.  This journey usually starts at GRADUATE TRAINEESHIP level in the majority of cases. 

Graduate Trainee

The Group has a Graduate Traineeship Policy that acts as a guideline and tool in the process of developing young graduates who come in at that level. Minimum entry qualification for GT is a first Degree in the relevant discipline.  Maximum age for qualification is 25 years.

Students on Attachment

The Group uses a two pronged approach with regards to students on attachment. The policy on students on attachment is premised on the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility where we undertake to train university students on attachment at our own cost. It is also from these students that we mainly identify future talent that we will recruit as GTs.

Training & Development

Training and Development is a key pillar for HUMAN CAPITAL within the Group. All Graduate Trainees fall under Training and Development, a department within Group Human Resources. The GTs Training programme covers a minimum of 2 years to complete. Once Training is complete, the now skilled GT starts his career growth within the Group as an Officer or Assistant Manager while further development is geared towards his future managerial role.

Careers also start at Clerical level in fewer instances within the Group. Group Policy states that minimum clerical entry qualifications are 5 O levels including English plus 2 A levels passes. The development process is also guided by a robust training and development programme.


Drop off your CV at our People and Culture, 3rd Floor, Rotten Row Harare or email to

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