Business Loans

Product Description

An advance facility available to businesses to help fund cash flows or other suitable projects which are complimentary to those offered by other ZB Financial Holdings business units.

Target Market

Farmers, Corporate Bodies, Trading individuals (Entrepreneurs)

Features Benefits

  • Potential clients should have adequate * Provides complimentary one stop
  • security in the form of bonds on shopping facility for customers who
  • property or Notarial General Covering might have other facilities with
  • Bonds over movable property (NGCB) Agri-Business, ZB Bank.
  • Finance usually provided for cash flow, * Helps retain customer loyalty thus dam construction for farmers, or eliminating double banking/financing.
  • Purchase of business property etc.


Viability of the enterprise and adequate security are a pre-requisite.


Charges will be disclosed to customers by Group Credit Services and are governed by prevailing interest rates.


  • No debits posted to account after initial draw down
  • Interest debited monthly

Available to individuals and businesses

To open an account visit any ZB Bank branch, application form Click here

Guide to using  Business  Loan account  - click here It must land to a user guide page

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