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13 November 2020

At a time when the world is facing rapid spread of covid-19 pandemic Kesto has partnered with leading insurance companies such as Nyaradzo,  CIMAS and Cell insurance so as to offer value for money and convenient insurance coverage to its wide group of customers living and working abroad.

KESTO sees insurance as an arrangement by which we promise to provide all our customers with a guarantee of compensation for a wide range of loss, damage, illness, or death without any claim hassles.

With Kesto you can prepare for loss for both your movables, immovable, your car or your home as we offer competitive insurance services which includes car insurance, home insurance, medical cover, and funeral cover.

Kesto prepares you for any loss at any time and offers the following insurance packages: 

Kesto Car insurance

Vehicles are very fragile assets and Kesto offers car insurance which covers you against loss or damage to your own vehicles, and also damage to third party property, bodily injury or death.
 Kesto car insurance has got three cover options which includes:

1. Comprehensive cover <link to product page>that embraces accidental damage to insured’s own vehicle and all third party liabilities.

2. Full third party plus fire and theft cover that cater for accidental damage to third party vehicles and property as well as bodily injury plus damage to insured’s own vehicle as a result of fire and theft only.

3. Full third cover which cover basic third party property damage and injury, in terms of the Road Traffic Act does not cover any damage to insured’s own vehicle and property.  

Kesto Home Insurance

Your home is where your heart is and Kesto allows you to reduce the risk of losing your property or not being able to replace the valuable assets with your home.
Kesto home insurance was tailor made to help customers to be prepared for home property loss and we came up with two plans namely:
1. Home content insurance<link to product page> which covers everything in your house and all your movable properties.
2. Home owner’s insurance<link to product page>whereby Kesto insurance covers the structure of your house and other immovable items.

Kesto Funeral plan

Life comes with many unexpected events like losing loved one, Kesto funeral cover benefits customers who are living in the diaspora and beneficiaries in Zimbabwe should they choose. Kesto funereal cover allows many dependents on the same funeral cover and its premium payments are flexible. Under Kesto funeral cover we have:

1. Cash funeral plan<link to product page> which provides a lump sum on the death of the policyholder or any registered dependent. The beneficiary of the lump sum cash can choose to use it to cover funeral expenses or any post funeral expenses of their choice.

2. Funeral service plan which caters for repatriation and funeral service in Zimbabwe while you focus on mourning your loved ones. Kesto funeral service cover also gives you the option to include 2 air tickets, 7 days accommodation and transport in Zimbabwe.

Kesto Medical aid cover

Kesto understand that being ill can be stressful due to financial constraints, thus we partnered with CIMAS medical aid to provide convenient local and international medical cover <link to product page>to our customers. With Kesto medical aid cover, you get access to private health facilities and automatic cover in Sub-Saharan Africa and India is guaranteed. The annual global limit for the cover is 100,000USD.

Get peace of mind when you insure with Kesto today. It’s easy just send us a message and we will be in touch<link to contact us page>

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