Kesto launch by ZB Bank

12 November 2020

At a time when banks worldwide are faced with the nightmare of scaling down their services in response to travelling restrictions and closure of boarders to stem the spread of covid-19, one of the country’s leading financial services provider, ZB Financial Holdings, launched a global customer service hub called Kesto account on the 21th of August, meant to offer financial solutions to the group’s clientele who are living abroad.
During the launch, group chief executive officer, Ron Mutandagayi said, Kesto, targeted at Zimbabweans living in the diaspora. Kesto offers tailor-made solutions to each individual through a carefully selected partner network.
“So, if you are a Zimbabwean living in the diaspora and looking to send money home, build your dream house, invest in Zimbabwe, purchase and deliver groceries to your loved ones or prepare for loss, Kesto is there for you

Kesto Virtual Launch

The virtual launch saw the introduction of Kesto a diaspora Service Hub as well as Visa Debit Cards and the ZB Contact Centre. Popular artist such as Janet Manyowa, Jah Prayzah, Tamy Moyo, Tocky vibes and many more were present to entertain and showcase good services that are offered at ZB bank. Through partnering with strategic partners such as Cell insurance, Capital homes and Nyaradzo, Kesto is a tried and tested service that gives customers or stakeholders in diaspora room to grow their personal capacities. It also helps customers to achieve their dreams or goals through convenient services.

What is Kesto?

Is a diaspora banking service hub that offers tailor-made solutions to Zimbabweans living abroad.

What can you do with Kesto.

Kesto allows Zimbabweans living in the diaspora to access tailor-made financial solutions that range from remittances, loans, investments, insurance, leisure and lifestyle.
1) Send money home 
You can send or remit money back home from wherever you are using Mukuru, World remit, RIA, Small world and telegraphic transfers using Kesto.

2) Invest in Zimbabwe
With Kesto you can access international range of investment services that covers stock market investments, securities, trusts and bank accounts, it gives you detailed information on investment opportunities and platforms in Zimbabwe thus allowing you to invest wisely and enjoy good returns.

3) Build your dream home
Kesto gives you a privilege to borrow money for home improvements, home purchase or home building. You can also borrow for personal interests for example when you want to buy a car you get car loan with lowest interest rates.

4) Prepare for loss
With Kesto you can pay your funeral cover, get car and home insurance and health insurance. Kesto Funeral cover you get a cash pay-out on the death of the policyholder and your movable and immovable properties will be covered. Kesto health insurance you get excellent medical aid cover that gives you access to best health facilities in Zimbabwe and automatic cover in Sub-Saharan Africa is guaranteed.

5) Transact on your terms
You can open a Kesto current account which is linked to a local currency debit card. You also have the option to open Kesto foreign currency account or a student account which will be linked to a VISA debit card.

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