ZB Response To Emmah Njodzi Complaint

19 September 2019

Response To Complaint/Allegations Made By Emmah Njodzi Through Facebook Page Name And Shame On 16 September 2019


We acknowledge receipt of the claim mentioned in this post and have carried out our investigations.  We are deeply concerned with the allegations of unprofessional conduct on the part of our Regional Sales Manager, Mr Choeni and sincerely apologise for the manner in which Mrs. Njodzi was treated.

Over the past few days we have tried in vain, to get in touch with Mrs Njodzi. Can she kindly please, inbox us with her current contact details.

We at ZB are committed to providing excellent customer service. The behaviour alleged to have been displayed by our Mr Choeni is contrary to the standards that we expect from any of our staff. In this regard, we will take appropriate measures to correct this.

We take opportunity to reiterate our position, that as ZB Life Assurance, we are in the business of paying claims. Our findings however, are that the claim was not honoured due to non-disclosure of material confidential information at the time that the policy was taken out on 15 May 2018.

When a policy is issued, the Company’s decision to issue such policy is based on the information supplied by the life assured proposed in the application papers. The Assurer issues the policy on the basis of the principle of utmost good faith.

Disclosure is the essence of the insurance doctrine of good faith. Where an adverse condition exists at the time of application, such condition(s) must be disclosed to the Assurer so that appropriate terms of acceptance commensurate with the risk profile are determined from the outset.

As a matter of principle, one should not be motivated by an adverse condition to apply for a policy. Where no adverse conditions are declared, the Assurer will proceed to issue a policy. However, should the information supplied prove to be false or incorrect, the policy contract will be rendered invalid.

When a claim is not honoured, our procedures are that the claimant is advised in a face to face interview and thereafter the position is confirmed in writing stating the reasons. If the claimant is unhappy with the decision, the procedures allow him/her to appeal against such a decision to the Managing Director stating reasons why the claim should not be repudiated.

If still not happy with the decision at the highest office, the claimant is still free to approach the Insurance and Pensions Commission who are the regulators for the insurance industry. This does not preclude the claimant’s rights to approach the courts if still not happy with the outcome at any of these levels.

In this case Mrs. Njodzi was advised by Mr. Kondo that the claim was repudiated and the reasons thereof. She was not satisfied with the decision and was referred to Mr. Choeni; however the client was still not happy with the decision and explanation given.

A meeting had been held with her on 8 February 2019 and a subsequent letter was written to her on 22 March 2019 explaining the reasons for not honouring the claim. When the claimant raised her complaint against the decision to repudiate the claim, she was advised to lodge an appeal against this decision to the Managing Director who is the Principal Officer of the Company per procedure. She however chose not to take this route.

Turning to the issue of premiums, we note that no deductions have been effected after the repudiation with the last having been on 20 December 2018.

We trust that this clarifies issues to all those who have been following this matter since the initial publication.

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