ZB , Extending our impact as we GO BIG

24 April 2018

ZB, extending our impact as we GO BIG. 

Time and chance happen to us all. Our life story is the sum total of our background, life events and sheer chance during the journey… or so they say. But what if You, Opportunity and Zeal were the only key ingredients to your success story, your self-actualisation?


This seemingly ideological conception that each one of us holds the keys to our success and achievement has guided our 2018 Theme which challenges individuals, corporates and us at ZB as a whole to “Go Big” in our pursuit for success.


The foundations of this theme are enshrined in the history and evolution of our story. Our humble beginnings as a business in 1951, the milestones, the hurdles and mountains we’ve conquered, true testament to our journey and commitment to our core Vision, Mission and Values as ZB.


We have grown at each step along the way and learned at every turn. These lessons and growth are what have inspired this theme where we are Going Big on service delivery, product innovation, technology and infrastructural development. Our Campaign itself embodies our brands evolution and core business of moving our clients and spheres of 

from one level to a higher one, strategically positioning ourselves as the enablers of success and growth.


At ZB, we believe in providing holistic services, products and solutions to all our customers in an effort to adequately address their desires and meet their needs. We have a history and a proven track record of Going Big, above and beyond the call of duty. We serve both community and commerce in a diverse number of ways through our various arms including;


ZB Bank,

ZB Life,

ZB Building Society


ZB Capital

ZB Associated Services

ZB Transfer Secretaries


Our mandate to develop the communities we are located in has seen us Go Big and provide tuition assistance to select students under ZB Financial Holdings. We started a programme where we are responsible for school fees for several young adults who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.


We took on the responsibility of educating and nurturing these young minds in a bid to shape 

the future and influence future thought leaders who would potentially extend our

legacy through their life’s testimony. This programme has been running for over six

years and is only gaining momentum and

growing big.


As a brand, we ourselves are growing and expanding our reach and footprint across the

Zimbabwean map. We recently refurbished and launched our Mutare Branch as an expansion mechanism aimed at spreading reach, awareness and impact of the ZB brand as well as touching the lives of every resident and tourist in Mutare, specifically.


The refurbished branch includes the Retail banking arm as well as the ZB Life arm. Our activities and growth in almost seventy years of existence are only the beginning of greater things as we Go Big. Our future prospects for Zimbabwe are ambitious and impactful as we seek to enhance our vision and leave a legacy in our pursuit of touching lives and making a lasting impression.


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