A new gem in Mutare's crown

12 April 2018

The peak of: the new face of ZB Mutare.

A new gem in Mutare’s crown

The foundations of our legacy are enshrined in the history and evolution of our story. Our humble beginnings as a business in 1951, the milestones, the hurdles and mountains weve conquered are testament to our journey and commitment to our core Vision, Mission and Values as ZB Bank & ZB Life.

We have grown at each step along the way and learned at every turn. These lessons and growth are what have led us to this moment in time where we are celebrating our recently re-furbished Mutare Branch that came about as an expansion mechanism aimed at spreading reach, awareness and impact of the ZB brand across the whole of Zimbabwe and touching the lives of every resident and tourist in Mutare, specifically. The refurbished branch includes the Retail banking arm as well as the ZB Life arm.

This refurbishment is in line with our 2018 Campaign where we are Going Big on service delivery, product innovation, technology and infrastructural development. Our Campaign embodies our brands evolution and core business of moving our clients and spheres of influence from one level to a higher one, strategically positioning ourselves as the enablers of success and growth.

Prior to our arrival in Mutare, the unbanked community accounted for a significant percentage of the population with most saving at home, in stokvels (round groups) and those who believed in keeping the wealth within the family”. One of our key mandates was to educate, empower and develop the community by raising the rate of financial literacy and the micro-economy of Mutare through our products and services.

In line with supporting the economic development agenda, ZB has offered and continues to offer Mortgage financing and funeral policies to the residents of Mutare, assisting them in realising their dream of becoming home owners and providing funeral assistance in the event of death. We have also established asset financing which covers the purchase of school buses and vehicles as well as haulage trucks in enhanced efforts of supporting schools within the community as well as school developmental projects,  i.e. building of new hostels for schools and science laboratories. ZB Life will be launching a Hospital Cash Plan for its customers to give financial aid should one fall sick and be in hospital for more than 48 hours.



We have made significant donations to academic institutions in and around Mutare, notably the Mutare Teachers College-graduation ceremony, which is an annual contribution of ours and Mutare Primary School’s Deep well, which we dug to address water shortages under the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme. Other donations of note include Elise Gledhill High Schools refrigerator and several prize-giving days we sponsor and assist make a reality.

Not only do we develop the community in these ways, we go beyond and offer support to the business community as well.

Our presence in Mutare is not merely a business decision but a community development based one, where we seek to research and identify challenges and obstacles to growth and profer solutions. Our refurbishment is part of this drive as we aim to improve service delivery to the people of Mutare, while reestablishing ourselves as a dominant financial force to be reckoned with within the market.

Our aspirations for the Branch include developmental goals that cover vast areas of interest such as:


· Provision of social services at an economic rate.

· Promotion of industrial growth, encompassing the informal sector.

· Estate development, particularly the servicing of residential and commercial stands.

· Improved health care and educational services. · Improved recreational facilities.


Above all this, we hope to improve and develop infrastructure for the betterment of Mutare and offer improved living conditions of residents as a way of developing the community. This refurbishment is only the beginning of greater things as we Go Big. Our future prospects for the city are ambitious and impactful as we seek to enhance our vision and leave a legacy in our pursuit of touching lives and making a lasting impression.

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