University is not different: The parent guide.

19 January 2018

Written by community Manager.

 A- Level results are in! It’s time to apply for University. Your role as a parent is to prepare your children for the new world with all the skills and qualities they need to transition to the life away from home. When the time comes for children to leave home many parents feel unsure about how their teenager will cope.

Here are a few tips on how to set up your child for a successful start;

  • Attend the institutions’ open days to find out more information about the university.
  • Visit the halls of residence with your child or the place where they will live and familiarize them with the building, facilities and surroundings.
  • Talk to your child about finances, how they can manage their money for things such as travel, clothing, eating out and going out. Talk about how much money they will have at University and help them to come up with a weekly budget.
  • Help them set up a bank account well ahead of time and encourage your child to build up some savings  through our  ZB Sta$h account which is tailor made for university students.
  • Do an internet search for ‘list of things to bring to university’ you will get some great ideas to draw up a packing list for your teen.
  • Be prepared for your teen to feel apprehensive, particularly on the day or two before they leave. Reassure them that it will be strange at first but they will get used to it and will have a good time.
  • When your child goes to university, you need to start treating them as an adult and allow them to make their own choices (and sometimes mistakes) in life. Let them know you are always there to listen, offer support and guidance.
  • Make sure you always get to call you child regularly to ask they how they are coping to avoid them feeling and desperate.
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