Festive Season Safety Tips for you.

21 December 2017

Written by Community Manager.

Festive season holidays according to Gibele Bundchen are a special time for giving and enjoying with family. It is also a time  when people are kind and open minded .But there is also need to keep in mind that this is the period when there are a lot of burglaries and accidents as well hence people should ensure that nothing spoils or destroys their festive  mood.

Do not let your house or business premises become a target during the festive season. Statistics have shown that during this period there are a lot of house and office break-ins in the county as people become more excited about the season. These do happen within a blink of an eye and leave people with bigger problems as most of the festive season losses are larger than they seem to be. 

It is important to make sure that;

  • All property and vehicles have up to date insurance covers as any form of accidents can happen during this period.
  • As most of you will be travelling during this holidays to the rural areas , outside the country and to different holiday resorts please make sure that you do not leave your homes or premises without enough safety
  • Make sure that there are burglar bars placed on the inside of any windows.
  • There is also need to ensure that all security alarms are working and put new and stronger passwords.
  • Make sure the security agency knows when you will be away so as to make sure the continuously monitor your office premises or house.
  • Make sure all power appliances are switched off before leaving the house or office to avoid accidental fires .Make sure you dispose newspapers and store all flammable materials safely away.

Lastly but not the least do not drink and drive and observe the speed limits. Drive to arrive alive.

                                        HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON.


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