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About Agency Banking

Though ZB Bank has invested in physical branches, the challenge of access to formal financial services remains a big impediment to financial inclusion. Zimbabweans (especially in remote areas) are forced to travel long distances and spend huge amounts on transport in order to access financial services. In addition to the cost of transport is the time spent commuting to and fro, which could have been spent more productively. To curb these challenges, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe released a statutory framework that allows banks to contract third party retail networks as Agents. Upon successful application, vetting and approval, these Agents are authorized to offer selected products and services on behalf of the Bank.

What is a ZB Pauri/Khonapho Agent?

A ZB Pauri/Khonapho agent is a commercial entity that has been contracted by ZB Bank and approved by the RBZ to provide specific services on behalf of the bank. This entity is equipped with the skills necessary to provide basic banking services according to standards set by the Bank. This provides access to financial products and services at a location nearest to the customer, thus breaking down certain barriers to financial inclusion such as cost and accessibility.

Services offered through ZB Pauri/Khonapho Agents?

Agents are equipped to carry out the following transactions:

  • Bill Payments
  • Mobile Wallet Cash In and Cash Out
  • Card Based and Cardless Withdrawals
  • Cash Deposits
  • Internal Transfers
  • Pauri Card sales and Activation
  • School fees Deposits
  • Balance Enquiries
  • Mini Statements

How to become a ZB Pauri/Khonapho Agent

Open an agent banking account at any one of our ZB Bank branches. Minimum float requirement is $500 and the bank can assist you subject to qualifying loan requirements.

Account Opening Requirements:

  • Proof of residence
  • 2 colour passport photos
  • Copy of National Identity Card
  • Initial deposit commensurate with Agent’s scope of business 
  • For Companies
    • Copies of company registration papers (CR14, Memo & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and ZIMRA tax clearance) are required.

Current Agents Locations 

ZB Bank operates Mobile and Fixed locations agents. Mobile agents are those using mobile phones to transact mostly E-Wallet services. Fixed locations agents are mostly on internet banking and perform Point of Sale transactions. All these agents are identified with signage that is clearly marked “ZB Pauri Khonapho”

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